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Listeners Call Into Popular Hip-Hop Show to Slam Democrats and 'Demented' Biden

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"The Breakfast Club" has been a popular hip-hop themed morning radio show for years, particularly with its large black audience.

On Tuesday, many fans of the show wanted it known that they were not happy with President Joe Biden and his party.

This was the same show, hosted by Charlamagne Tha God, where four years ago Biden told the largely black audience that if they didn't voter for him, "you ain't black."

In a Tuesday segment called "Get it Off Your Chest," caller after caller said that Biden wasn't mentally there and therefore shouldn't be president.

In other words, the listeners had noticed the same thing anyone else would after watching Biden for just a few minutes.

A caller named Tone thought both Biden and Donald Trump were too old, saying, “Yo, I wanted to comment on that Joe Biden situation, right? And I think it’s important, after this presidency, right, we really set an age limit on these people who we vote into office, bro. We got a freakin’ convicted felon that’s 80, and then we got a demented Joe that’s 81. Like, come on, what the hell are we doing?”

Charlamagne tended to agree that the candidates' ages were a problem, though Trump is younger and certainly acts it compared to the president.

A caller named Israel said, "I just want to say, you know, these Democrats keep wanting to tell us not to believe our lying eyes, like everybody can’t see Joe Biden.”

“He is 81. And God bless him, but that don’t mean you capable and you the only person to run this country. We see what’s going on. You can tell us this is not happening… but we see it. We actually out here living it. I’m actually seeing people having to put their groceries back at the cash register. People barely can afford energy bills now," Israel said.

He continued, “So quit peeing on my leg and telling me it’s raining. You’ve got wars breaking out everywhere. And one more thing, you know why nobody likes Trump? Because that man was the only president in the past 50 years that didn’t get us in no war. And wars is big money. Defense contractors run the world. He the only president in the past 50 years that didn’t get us involved in no war. The only one.”

Trump has said many times that if he's re-elected he would end the war between Russia and Ukraine and also work to quell the unrest in Israel and Gaza.

Host Charlamagne scolded Biden before the 2020 election for a number of things that particularly affect the black community.

This anti-Biden scene on Charlamagne's show Tuesday morning comes as Trump has seen a significant spike in his poll numbers with black voters.

Telling that audience they weren't really black if they didn't vote for him is also something many haven't forgot and that probably didn't leave them with a good feeling.

How arrogant of Joe Biden to ever assume such a thing based on race or anything else.

After four years of his presidency, some appear to have grown cooler not warmer about his time in the White House.

Which could very well end in January. Time will tell.

Expect more Americans everywhere to 'get it off their chests' about Joe Biden in the months to come.


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