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Not Enough Gas for 911 Emergencies

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Well, I feel like Bill Murray in the Groundhog Day movie when he gets in front of the camera and he says, "Well, it's Groundhog Day again."

Well, congratulations, America, it is record breaking gas price day again. $5 a gallon to get to where you need to go. Just a sick, sick, sick policy choice, choices made by this administration.

And I mean, it's gotten so bad... So, kudos to ABC here - ABC News, Good Morning America. They played a bit this morning. Had a story this morning from Michigan, and I'll get to why that's important in a second. But they showcased a Michigan county's police department has "blown through their fuel budget," and will no longer respond to every 911 call in person. They will try to handle it over the phone. Here's Good Morning America:

Okay. So several months before they get a new fuel budget in that county in Michigan, so they can respond to emergency calls. Good job, Brandon! Way to go! Way to go, Joe! 30,000 out-of-gas calls to AAA. Whew! That's a pretty incredible number.

I don't know how... I mean, for those folks that are going paycheck to paycheck, I just I feel so bad for you. I don't know how people are pulling it off. I just don't.

And you go to a state that doesn't have one of these big liberal metropolises that are just raking in taxpayer money, and people are just living off the government. I mean, got a lot of folks working two jobs now. A lot of folks.

So Michigan, so that was interesting from Good Morning America this morning. Michigan, talking about this county that's run out of fuel money to respond to 911 just so happens that yesterday Michigan's idiotic Senator Debbie Stabenow was bragging about her electric car. She had saved up enough chips. I guess that's what... I mean, is that money? I guess it must be money. Look how dumb she sounds, and particularly as it relates to a county in her state saying they don't have enough money to respond to 911 calls.

Stabenow: I do have to say, just on the issue of gas prices, after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle, I got it and drove it from Michigan to here...

She's so happy.

Stabenow: ...this last weekend and went by every single gas station and didn't matter how high it was. And so, I'm looking forward to the opportunity for us to move to vehicles that aren't going to be dependent on the whims of the oil companies in the international market.

Yeah, just dog the oil companies. Sure, sure.

Stabenow: I do have to say just...

You just see this grin, this big, shitty grin that she has on her face. It's disgusting. Meanwhile, in her state you've got county police departments who can't respond to 911 calls because they don't have enough gas. Unbelievable!

So Republicans, what do you do about this, right? You're about to be handed the keys to the kingdom, at least in the House. What do you do?

You've got to make energy one of the top policy priorities in Congress.

Have to. You cannot, and this really fits in nicely with another goal of mine, which is the deconstruction of the administrative state. Okay? Why are these decisions, these policy-making decisions, being made so aggressively? And why is the so-called Department of Energy... I remember Mark Levin talking about this years ago. Can anyone show him any ounce of energy that the so-called Department of Energy has ever produced? I thought that was a great line, and it's true.

So what Congress needs to do is, again, start to reassert itself as a co-equal branch of government. You can't just sit there for the next two years and say, "Oh, woe is me. Biden stinks."


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