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Treasury Secretary Yellen Paints With All the Colors of the Wind


David Bozell: Alright, so this is the kind of policy insanity that must be totally gutted by House Republicans if and when they take the majority in the fall. No exceptions, no excuses. Okay, guys?

This is the kind of real, real stupidity that's coming out of Washington on the Left that cannot be entertained, not in any sort of a political sense. I don't want to have hearings about it. I don't even need debate about it. It's nutty. It's that nutty. I don't want to have one red penny of taxpayer resources going to this type of policy insanity.

Now, this morning, Janet Yellen is in a Senate hearing, presumably getting sort of brow beaten by the Senators on inflation, et cetera. And then she says:

The critical thing...

Let me just make sure I get this correct. It's so dumb.

The critical thing is we become more dependent on the wind and the sun.

This is the Honorable Janet Yellen, your Treasury Secretary. Roll it.

Yellen: Given the global nature of these markets that's virtually impossible for us to insulate ourselves from shocks, like the ones that are occurring in Russia...

Okay. So, let's stop right there. She says it's virtually impossible to insulate ourselves from shocks. It's kind of her job to insulate the American economy from shocks, but okay. We'll march past that one. Okay.

Yellen: ...that move global oil prices. And look, over the medium term, the critical thing is that we become more dependent on the wind and the sun that are not subject to geopolitical influences and...

I mean, we have to become more dependent on the wind and the sun that are not subject... I mean, I try to avoid the wind and the sun whenever I can. No, that's not true. I mean, in moderation, right? In moderation. I can't golf in the wind. I can golf in the sun. I can't golf in the wind. But it's just absurd that she says that. And then she goes on to talk about tax credits as if it's like out of some... Well, here she is:

Yellen: Clean energy credits that will boost non-renewables is, I think, really, really critical to addressing climate change and...

So, we're addressing climate change by giving away tax credits, basically a tax break to companies that help us become more dependent on the wind and the sun. I mean, it reminded me of that Star Wars clip from Phantom Menace when Qui-Gon Jinn is talking about credits.

I mean, it's absurd. So, Republicans, you guys get in charge. Okay. You're going to presumably have a big majority. I know you're going to argue conservative policy versus soft rhino wet blanket Republican policy. But the thing you guys need to agree on from the jump is to open everything, everything, our economic future is...

The bedrock begins with access to our energy resources here domestically, the abundance of energy resources that we have, all of the above energy resources that we have. Okay.

It's underneath our nose. It's underneath our feet. It provides for American jobs. Okay. It's almost like you can call it the "Energy Bill of Rights" for all I care. It's American energy produced and refined by American workers for use by Americans. That just needs to be everybody in lockstep.

And not one red penny or tax credit to this Left-wing pipe dream of being dependent on the wind and the sun.

Alright, take it easy.


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