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Disney in a Tailspin


David Bozell: Now, just across the wires here, Disney has fired... Man, Disney just keeps tumbling in its tailspin here. Disney has fired its Chief Content Chief, some guy named Peter Rice. New York Post was calling it a shocking move.

Embattled Disney CEO Bob Chapek canned TV content boss Peter Rice on Thursday in a surprise shakeup that blindsided employees, as well as Rice himself... Rice - who oversaw the division that made over 300 shows a year for platforms like ABC, Disney Channel, Disney+, Hulu and FX - had just recently renewed his contract through 2024. But Chapek personally brought down the hammer on Rice, which cited, 'an ill fit' with the Mouse House's corporate culture.

That was New York Post's way of putting it.

Peter Rice

Well, look, I can give you a simple reason for this just in the immediate. That Obi-Wan show? That sucks. What a terrible disappointment that is. And as much as we've railed against Disney, I mean, I do have an affinity for these characters that I grew up with and was intrigued by what they might do with Obi-Wan. And it stinks!

I mean, the screenplay stinks. There's a lot of woke stuff in there. I just watched the last episode. They had some girl who is trying to help them and she's a spy within the Empire. So, she works for the Empire, but she secretly works for the good guys and she's being caught by another one of her colleagues in the Empire. And she realizes that she outranks him in command. So, he's given her grief about sneaking in somewhere and she says, "I'm your commanding officer. You call me, Sir." And the guy's just like meekly and sheepishly, he's like, "Okay, Sir. Sorry, Sir. Go ahead, Sir. You're more than welcome to enter, Sir."

You're just like...why am I? That was like a woke dig, like a woke slip in there. It's just stupid. It's just dumb. It's just not entertaining. Screenplay stinks.

The actors, I mean, there's a lot of criticism of one of the girls who's one of the bad guys about her performance and, yeah, it stinks, but there's nothing to work with. There's just nothing. The screenplay stinks.

So, if this guy had any role in selecting any of that stuff, good riddance. I mean, they're ruining these characters, in addition to just all the woke stupidity.

So, Disney, taking it on the chin. Mickey Mouse... Everyone is just avoiding Disney, even DeSantis. What DeSantis did... Remember the Left wing thought like this would be the end of the world if Disney didn't have a special tax break? Well, here, they just keep on chugging along. They'll be fine. They'll be fine without it.

But you can just tell by canning this guy, perhaps the CEO is well aware that the reviews for the content are not what Disney's standards are, because they're no longer family-friendly and that's it.

Alright, Disney in a tail spin. That's fun to watch.

Alright, take it easy.


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Jun 10, 2022

Who writes like this? This is so poorly written that it almost makes no sense.

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