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Missouri AG Sues New York Over Election Interference Against Trump

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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit against New York, charging that the state violated the citizens of Missouri's First Amendment right to hear from Donald Trump in his presidential election.

Bailey claims that New York’s "illicit prosecution, gag order, and sentencing" of Trump hindered his ability to campaign, and thus also Missourians ability to hear what he has to offer.

Bailey wants the Supreme Court to decide that New York muffling Trump's campaign was an unlawful act, and that any gag orders should be removed.

Bailey said, "Right now, Missouri has a huge problem with New York. Instead of letting presidential candidates campaign on their own merit, radical progressives in New York are trying to rig the 2024 election by waging a direct attack on our democratic process."

 "I will not sit idly by while Soros-backed prosecutors hold Missouri voters hostage in this presidential election." he added. "I am filing suit to ensure every Missourian can exercise their right to hear from and vote for their preferred presidential candidate."

His lawsuit alleges three violations:

  1. New York interfering with the presidential election in other states.

  2. Infringing on the First Amendment.

  3. The unlawful change of election rules months before an election.

Last month, Trump was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records.

Trump plead not guilty on each count, yet could face a maximum sentence of 136 years.

Bailey sees this as an attack on the democratic process.

"This lawfare is poisonous to American democracy," the AG said. "The American people ought to be able to participate in a presidential election free from New York’s interference. Any gag order and sentence should be stayed until after the election."

He added, "Trump’s conviction is very likely to be overturned on appeal. But, by then, the constraints New York has sought to impose on Trump to limit his ability to campaign will already have had their full effect. Missouri has a strong, judicially enforceable interest in its citizens and electors being able to hear Trump’s campaigning free from any gag order or other interference imposed by the State of New York." 

Will Trump's appeals work and will Bailey's lawsuit matter? Time will tell.

But the idea that the legal system has been weaponized against Donald Trump by his political enemies is a view that many share at this point.

As the former Republican president's enemies continue to throw everything they have at him in order to prevent a free and unfettered democratic election happening in November.


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