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Musk Says Twitter Deal is on Hold


David Bozell: So, breaking news, a little bit. Elon Musk tweeted out 6:00 in the morning. What's he up to? What's he doing tweeting at 6:00 in the morning? That the Twitter deal was on hold. Twitter deal temporarily on hold, pending details supporting calculation that the spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of the users. Then he tweeted two hours later that he's still committed to the acquisition.

But basically what that means is the sales price is probably contingent on double and triple-confirming that the fake accounts, what are so-called bots, are that he wants them to be less than 5% of what's available, the monetizable user base, if you will. I get the sense that he's figured out that the size of fake accounts, the number of fake accounts on the platform is more than 5%. So, he's going to save himself some money.

The price is going to go down and the stock is going to go down, if he confirms it. And if he's as committed to transparency as he has been saying, as Musk has been saying all along, I think he'll probably announce it. That would just be a riot. It's like a huge chunk of the noise-making Twitter universe was fake.

I mean, that happens on the Left all the time. You get the sense that just all the noise that the Left makes on the political spectrum, and it's been documented, an example of an example, you just get where we've got a zillion accounts tweeting the exact same thing, word for word. Now, the Right has dabbled in this stuff too. I mean, some organizations have dabbled in fake account acquisition or creating fake accounts to make noise, but it pales in comparison to the Left. And not only that, the Left basically kind of gets away with it, and Twitter doesn't pay them any mind.

So, it'll be interesting. I mean, I still think he goes through with it, but obviously, he's doing his due diligence. He's starting to poke around some of the internals and I think he's figured out that there's more fake accounts on Twitter than people realize, so good on him. But I think he still ends up going through with it. I hope he does. I hope he does. As he said, "Twitter will be where the issues pertaining to the future of humanity will be debated." That sounds like a cool place to be.


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