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The Knives Come Out for Kathy

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Alright, we're going to start off with the Kathy Barnette stuff, which has caught fire. All across the country, it is the lead story. Her ascendancy in the polls of Pennsylvania is the lead story in every Washington rag you can find. It's on the cover of Drudge right now.

She's not just in the thick of the race. You have to bet internals are suggesting that she's winning the Pennsylvania primary right now, because, boy oh boy, people are out to get her. If you follow conservative electoral politics, if you've followed this story at all, you've probably seen Hannity went after her and had Dr. Oz on. You know why. Hannity has endorsed Dr. Oz. That's fine. That's fine. To each his own.

Trump's former Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, he was all over her yesterday, nasty, unfair stuff. Selectively edited clips mashed together and thrown into this YouTube file of prior comments. It would be a fact-checker's dream. He would be booted off of Facebook if he tried to throw that on there, because it's so improperly done and so selectively edited. It's not even worth going into. That particular clip isn't even worth going into.

But I'll address some of them, because we've endorsed her. I'm infatuated with her commitment to life. I think she's got a hell of a story, and I'd like to see her present that story to a Democrat-socialist running in Pennsylvania. I'd like to see that debate happen, particularly now, particularly this year, with Roe v. Wade being up in front of the Supreme Court again.

I just can't help but think that people have forgotten what made Trump tick, what made Trump intriguing to the general public. You want to talk about controversial comments? Hannity saying, and others:

Kathy Barnette called Obama a Muslim.

Okay, Trump ran a massive two-year-long public relations operation saying that Obama wasn't even born here. Did that hurt him in any way? That's Sean's point, it'll destroy her chances in the general. Would it? Is it that terrible of a comment, anyway, to suggest that, what, nine years ago?

Or she stood at Mount Vernon. This was my favorite one. She stood at Mount Vernon and said that... Some people in the audience, white people in the audience, were hemming and hawing about how great George Washington was. Then Barnette makes the point Washington was a slave owner; we've got to make a... We have to have a balanced approach to the history. She's saying that at Mount Vernon.

Do you know who would agree with Kathy Barnette about dialing down the infatuation for George Washington? George Washington. He would agree. That's how cool George Washington was.

I've done that tour. I've done that tour at Mount Vernon. I've heard the George Washington... Impersonator is not the right word, is it? The actors, the folks who play him and give talks. That's exactly what he would say. He would agree with her.

If you've been on that tour and you've listened to someone tell the George Washington story as George Washington, and no doubt, during the Q&A, slavery always comes up, that's basically what he would say, that history would not look kind on what they were doing back then with regards to slaves. There's nothing controversial about a black woman, who might have a different opinion about George Washington and concentrate on the slaveholding rather than what he did to liberate nation.


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May 13, 2022

She is lying about her military record. Please stop promoting this POS

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