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Off-Duty Secret Service Agent Gets Robbed at Gunpoint During Biden's Trip to California

Department of Homeland Security

How bad is crime getting under the Biden administration?

How bad is crime getting in a blue state like California?

So bad that an off-duty Secret Service agent got robbed at gunpoint during Joe Biden's visit to Los Angeles for a fundraiser.

You really can't make this stuff up.

The Associated Press reports, "The agent was returning from work Saturday night when he was accosted in a residential community in Tustin, about an hour’s drive southeast of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Secret Service."

"Someone called the Tustin Police Department shortly after 9:30 p.m. to report the robbery," the report noted. "Police said the agent had his bag stolen at gunpoint. The agent, who was not injured, fired his gun during the confrontation, police said. The Secret Service said they did not know if anyone was shot."

As of now, police have no suspect.

So the robber seems to have gotten away with his crime. On a Secret Service agent, of all people.

AP added, "Biden and former President Barack Obama held a star-studded fundraising event in Los Angeles on Sunday that brought in more than $30 million for Biden’s reelection campaign."

The suspect's vehicle was described as a 2004-2006 silver Infiniti FX35 "or vehicle similar."

Crime is a big problem in Los Angeles and California at-large, particularly retail theft.

Rising crime has not been a good look for Biden. Having his own Secret Service agent, who was reportedly only there "in a supportive role" (whatever that means), is even more embarrassing.

Crime is going to be a top issue for many voters in November. Don't be surprised if many of them don't see Joe Biden as the best man to deal with it.


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