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Pollster Frank Luntz Tells CNN Host Why 'Pundits' Get Trump So Wrong


On Tuesday, longtime pollster Frank Luntz appeared on CNN where he told host Kate Bolduan that "pundits" don't understand how voters feel about Donald Trump.

A clip was played of a 2016 presidential debate in which Trump told Hillary Clinton she would "be in jail" if he was in charge.

Luntz straight up told her that many voters really liked that comment while "pundits really condemned him."

Luntz said, “Nobody expected Donald Trump to say that. And the pundits really condemned him for doing it. And our voters said, ‘Wait a minute. He’s holding her accountable. It’s about time that politicians are held accountable.’"

"That’s one of the great frustrations in America," the pollster explained. "That’s why we’re so angry because when you think politicians will say and do anything, and then actually do exactly the opposite of what they promise.”

But Bolduan insisted that it sounded like Trump was saying he would weaponize the government against Clinton. The CNN host said Trump was “kind of suggesting he would be like directing his Justice Department to go after a political opponent.”

Luntz said her perception of Trump and his comments about Clinton was another example of how detached pundits are from the average voter.

“And that’s exactly what the pundits said,” Luntz reminded Bolduan. “And the voters said, ‘Uh uh,’ he’s actually going to do this. I want someone who’s that tough, who’s going to look me straight in the eye and the opposite was Barack Obama, looking [at] people and saying ‘I get you, I understand you, I appreciate you, I applaud you.’ Voters are looking for someone to speak to them, to look at them, to mean what they say, say what they mean and do what they promised to do.”

CNN is hosting a first 2024 presidential debate between Trump and Biden on Thursday. The moderators will be Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

Both of whom have been biased against Trump.

Kate Bolduan is not Tapper or Bash, but apparently has a similar mindset and worldview similar to them.

That inherent bias against Trump and conservatives is rampant at CNN, and Bolduan's exchange with Luntz was yet another reminder.

We shall see what kind of chaos erupts in that setting come Thursday night.


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