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Republicans Must Make Sure Not One Dime Goes to Fund Biden's Ministry of Truth

Since the Biden administration announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board - a real life Orwellian Ministry of Truth - there has been much speculation about the woman he chose to run it.

And the more you learn about Nina Jankowicz the worse it gets.

First off, she thinks liberal voices are being silenced.

We're being serious.

She has pushed the Trump-Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

She called the Hunter Biden laptop story that was banned on Twitter - and that The New York Times has since verified - "Russian disinformation."

Remember, this is the person this president wants to put in charge of censoring what YOU can and can't say.

How? One way she has suggested is for the government to have the ability to EDIT YOUR TWEETS.

That's right. You tweet or share something on social media, Nina Jankowicz will be there to make sure it fits what she thinks you should be allowed to say.

Which brings us to the GOP.

REPUBLICANS: You have ONE job here.

Make sure her office doesn't see ONE DIME.


This woman should never have this job. Nor should anyone else.

Republican politicians can bitch and moan about this. You can't get people riled up and even fundraise off of it.

That's not enough. Republican are going have to do their job on this one. You were sent to Congress to be stewards of taxpayer resources.

Americans' own money CANNOT go toward getting rid of free speech in their own country.

If you ask 'if this really a hill to die on?' YES. IT IS.

We don't want false promises about "send me to Washington" to carry out a conservative agenda, blah, blah - if you can't do this one thing, you're worthless.

Free expression and the First Amendment is crucial to our way of life in the United States.

If you can't protect that - the hell with you.

Stop the Biden administration from destroying free speech in America.

Don't talk about it. Just do it.



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