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Republicans need to wield political power.


We've got two unrelated yet significant stories that highlight the vast contrast between how the two major political parties in the United States operate.

Let's start with a recent incident in Oklahoma that caught my attention. The Republican party, known for championing the principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government, was dealt a telling blow by the Democrats who seem to be using money to drive their agenda.

What happened was this: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under the Biden administration pulled a staggering $4.5 million in funding from the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) and its family planning services. This move is being seen by critics as a retaliatory act for Oklahoma's strict pro-life laws. The withdrawn funding had devastating repercussions for around 30,000 low-income Oklahomans who relied on these services for counseling, testing, treatment of STDs, physical examinations, and prenatal care.

I can't help but call attention to the hypocrisy here. The HHS and the Biden administration, who claim to be advocates for healthcare and rural communities, are the very ones withholding essential care from these people. The message they're sending is chilling: if you don't toe the line with our agenda, you're on your own. This is an example of a political party willing to go to great lengths to advance its agenda.

Now, let's switch gears and look at another story, this one unfolding on Capitol Hill. Here we find a group of conservative House members who were rightfully upset about the debt ceiling negotiations. As they saw it, promising negotiations with the White House fell apart over the Memorial Day weekend, leading to a debt deal that left much to be desired.

This group of conservatives took a stand on the House floor, effectively blocking the passage of what they viewed as pointless messaging bills. They were demanding meaningful dialogue to steer the ship in a more conservative direction.

However, their actions were met with hostility, particularly from their own party. Moderate Republicans, who seemed more concerned with maintaining status quo and legislative activity, accused the conservative group of causing division and jeopardizing the party's agenda. There were even Republicans like Don Bacon that went as far to call for a coalition government with Democrats, trying to effectively sideline these committed conservatives.

When you juxtapose these two stories, it paints a clear picture of the current political landscape. On one hand, we see a Democratic administration willing to withhold vital health services funding to push their agenda. On the other hand, we see conservatives in the House fighting to uphold their principles, only to be threatened with exclusion by their own party.

If the Republicans hope to win in 2024, they need to pay close attention to these two stories. The Democrats' commitment to their agenda is admirable, if misguided, while the Republican establishment's willingness to sideline its own members in the name of political expediency is concerning.

Our priority should be supporting those conservatives in the House who are making a concerted effort to uphold their principles and be good stewards of our resources. In the face of adversity, they're standing up to the entire city. So, what can you do? Support these lawmakers.

Moreover, if we truly want to put the left on defense, we need to start by defunding portions of the government. We need to look Joe Biden in the eye and tell him that we won't foot the bill for programs that don't work and were never asked for in the first place.

Remember, it's up to us to make a difference. Let's take it one step at a time. Until next time, folks.


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Jul 02, 2023

Nah. Repubs are averse to actually working together.

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