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I think Jill knows...

Updated: Jul 10, 2023


Rockets' Red Glare, Hunter's Nose Flare?

Watch closely the video that's been making rounds on the internet of the Bidens on the White House balcony during the July 4th fireworks.

Hunter Biden appears to be quite strung out. There's been a lot of focus on Hunter, as he moves right-to-left behind Jill Biden. He seems to reach into his pocket, possibly removing something, bringing it up to his face, and then reappearing from behind Jill Biden, while wiping his face, presumably his nose.

But don't watch Hunter. I want you to focus on Jill Biden.

Here's the video at normal speed. What do you see Jill say? Plus, what motion does Jill make as Hunter moves behind her?

Here's what I think I saw:

  1. Jill Biden seems to be saying something to Joe Biden, who maintains an odd grin.

  2. My amateur lip-reading skills suggest Jill says, "I think he's..." before abruptly stopping.

  3. She then performs a subtle sniffing motion with her head, a gentle lift of her nose, before she begins to sway slightly.

  4. Then comes the side-eye. A swift, sharp glance aimed at Hunter Biden.

Here's the slow-mo video:

I can't unsee it. I believe that Jill Biden was aware of Hunter Biden's state – either high or on the brink of it. And I believe she is trying to tell her husband the same thing.

And cocaine was found on White House grounds over the weekend? Just because Hunter wasn't there when it was found doesn't mean the bag ain't his.

Will we ever learn if Joe Biden witnessed his son Hunter high on cocaine on the White House balcony during the celebration of our nation's independence? Probably not.

But I believe the video suggests that Joe and Jill Biden are well aware of what's going on.


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Jul 10, 2023

Agree 1000% that Jill was quite aware of the situation!!!!

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