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Ron Johnson on Hunter Biden Report: We Might Have Caught Joe in ‘a Lie’

Sen. Ron Johnson joined Fox Business on Thursday where the Republican reacted to a U.S. Senate report that showed potential wrongdoing with business dealings involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Johnson said the “troubling” findings show the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has been caught in “a lie” by denying that he ever spoke with his son about his Ukraine business affairs.

“As far as we can tell, there is only one person in the Obama administration that actually talked to the vice president about it,” Johnson said. “Amos Hochstein, who was a special envoy over to Ukraine actually did talk to the vice president about how troubling this was, this conflict of interest, which, by the way, led the vice president then to talk to Hunter Biden to set up meeting with Amos Hochstein to talk about this."

"Now, remember, Vice President Biden famously in the end of 2009 said he’d never spoken to his son about overseas business dealings," Johnson continued. "This sure sounds like a conversation he probably had with Hunter Biden about his position on Burisma’s board."

"So, I am sorry to say I think we’ve caught the vice president in a lie, which by the way, I never believed that was true,” the senator insisted

“I think the vice president is going to have a really hard time explaining that — if he is ever asked and pressed on it,” he emphasized.

But how much will Joe Biden be pressed on it?


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