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Secretary of State Tells Staff to Not Use 'Problematic' Terms Like 'Manpower' or 'Mother/Father'

Brookings Institution/Creative Commons

America has many problems to contend with. A southern border in chaos. Our involvement in foreign wars. Inflation. Debt.

But the State Department has cited what apparently it thinks is a big, big problem.

Using 'problematic' words. Especially those that denote gender.

You can't make this garbage up.

The New York Post reports, "Secretary of State Antony Blinken instructed State Department employees to refrain from using gendered terms such as 'mother,' 'father' and 'manpower' in a recent internal memo, according to a report."

WOW. Seriously?

The Post continued:

The Biden administration official argued in the memo that gender is a social construct and that a person’s gender identity 'may or may not correspond with one’s sex assigned at birth,' according to the Feb. 5 missive.
The note was obtained by National Review and titled: “Modeling DEIA: Gender Identity Best Practices.” 
Blinken encouraged his colleagues at the State Department to use 'gender-neutral language whenever possible' to 'show respect and avoid misunderstandings.' He also suggested that employees identify their preferred pronouns in emails and when introducing themselves in meetings, according to the outlet.
Assuming an individual’s gender identity simply based on their appearance or name 'can be problematic' and conveys a 'harmful, exclusionary message,' Blinken states in the memo. 
However, he asks staffers not to 'pressure someone to state their pronouns.'

“This is a personal decision that should be respected,” Blinken added.

No, it absolutely should not be respected. People can call themselves whatever they want, but it is not my job or obligation to accept and respect it.

This is absurd on top of absurd.

Look at what else the Post highlighted about this ridiculous memo, "Commonly used terms such as “manpower,” “you guys,” “ladies and gentlemen,” “mother/father,” “son/daughter” and “husband/wife” should be avoided, according to the State Department chief, and replaced with words like, “labor force,” “everyone,” “folks,” “you all,” “parent,” “child,” “spouse” or partner” instead.

You've got to be kidding.

Our government can't enforce the border but now wants to enforce woke language orthodoxy.

And they wonder why they have no credibility with the American people anymore.

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