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Senator Ties Biden Family to International Sex Trafficking


In an astonishing development, a United States Senator, Ron Johnson, has gone on national television and claimed to have evidence that implicates President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, in an international sex trafficking ring. Listen to Harris Faulkner's reaction in the video below. The claim was news even to her...and she's in the news business at Fox.

This jaw-dropping revelation should be the story of the year, raising critical questions about the Bidens' involvement in such illegal activities and casting doubts on the President's integrity.

Senator Johnson stated that his committee has evidence proving that Hunter Biden spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes from an international sex trafficking ring. Furthermore, he claimed that President Joe Biden provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to his son during the same time frame, effectively financing Hunter's illicit activities.

These shocking allegations prompt a series of questions about the extent of the Bidens' involvement in such reprehensible acts. Where did these crimes take place? What countries? Did Hunter commit these acts within the United States? How long did this last? What other countries know about this? What leaders know about this? Has any of this been used to manipulate the United States' foreign policies and relationships?

The mainstream media's silence on these explosive allegations is alarming, considering the gravity of the situation. If the same accusations were leveled against Donald Trump Jr., there would undoubtedly be relentless, wall-to-wall coverage.

Senator Ron Johnson, a serious and respected politician, has risked his own career by bringing these allegations to light. If proven true, the implications for President Joe Biden's administration and his ability to work with Republican colleagues will be severely impacted.

As we face these constitutionally unprecedented challenges, the American public deserves to know the truth about these allegations. It is vital for the media to investigate and bring to light the evidence Senator Johnson claims to have in order to maintain transparency, accountability, and trust in our democratic institutions.



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