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Shut Down the Border or Shut Down the Government

Sandor Csudai /Creative Commons

It's insane how little the Democrats care about the absolute anarchy happening at the U.S.-Mexico border.

It's insane how little Republicans often push back.

But right now, some House conservatives are saying 'enough.'

The Messenger reports:

Shut down the southern border or shut down the government — that’s what a growing number of House Republicans are demanding as negotiations over both issues heat up on Capitol Hill. 
'We're all saying the same thing,' House Freedom Caucus member Keith Self said after a GOP conference meeting Wednesday morning. 'Our people are telling us to shut the border. That is now an existential threat to our republic.'
Rep. Tim Burchett said the border is the No. 1 issue and he was not satisfied with the conference’s discussion around how to leverage policy changes to stem the flow of migrants. The Tennessee Republican is willing to use government funding as a pressure point, but he said his colleagues are divided.
'Some people don't want to fight,' Burchett said. 'They just want to go along to get along and get reelected. I don't share that sentiment.'

House Freedom Caucus member Matt Rosendale said:

'The largest obligation that we have as members of Congress is to secure our nation. We’re not doing it, but this is our opportunity to do so, right now, when these two major issues come together, where you have funding that is necessary for large parts of the government and a policy matter that is compromising our national security.'

He's right. What's being portrayed by the establishment as extreme is actually the responsible position, if securing the country actually matters.

Shut down the border or shutdown the government. Period.


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