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Students Pray the Rosary in Front of the Supreme Court


David Bozell: We were talking about the Cackling Karens. There's a great clip, just from last night, outside the Supreme Court.

Good for these kids, man. Good for these kids. Oh to be young and not need sleep very late at night. Douglas Blair has the tweet: @DouglasKBlair. We'll put it up. Douglas, he's a producer at Daily Signal with The Heritage Foundation. You're not going to hear the Catholic University students praying, but there's a big group of them praying the Rosary very quietly. And then you've got these protestors who are just screaming, inches away from their faces, as they do this. I'll play it real quick.

Yeah. That's not bad. I'll give them credit for the rhyme, "Keep your Rosary off my ovaries."

Anyway, it's good for these kids. That's tough to do. That's tough to do. You've got this women inches from your face, screaming at you, making fun of your faith, middle of the night. And you go out to the Supreme Court to try to say prayer and pray the Rosary to the Virgin Mary.

That's awesome of these kids. I wanted to give them a shoutout. They deserve it.


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