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Your Weekly Blast of Infotainment

Happy Weekend! As you read this CANNON and all future editions, don't get angry. Get determined. Each meme is a Call to Action (CTA) for America. We must stand up and call out the absurdity of the Left - NEVER GIVE THE LEFT A FREE DAY!


💰 Bank Failures and Bribes:

The Biden administration must be running out of things to mess up, because there has been a ton. This week, Biden got a new feather in his hat - he has now been president for the second, third, and fourth largest bank failures in US history. But that's not all, folks! He has managed to do this while eroding faith in America's institutions - through political attacks against conservative justices, a looming economic default as Biden refuses to sign the Republican spending plan, and revelations of more evidence that Biden accepted bribes while he was VP... and that's just in the last week! This has caused some Republicans to announce investigations and others to call for Biden's impeachment. What we do know is that Biden is corrupt and damages everything he touches. We could really go for $1.99 gas, no wars, and a few mean tweets right about now.

🗞️ ForAmerica's Podcast - Voices ForAmerica:

Voices ForAmerica has new episodes this week! Check out the latest, Biden Can't Bribe His Way Out of This One, to learn more about the accusations, evidence, and investigation into alleged bribes that Biden accepted as VP.

🕚 And More CTAs...

🙏 May we remember to pray everyday for our country as we did on National Day of Prayer last Thursday, May 4:

👀 What's Ahead This Week: Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is set to meet with Biden on Tuesday, May 9, to negotiate on the Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023. Biden has vowed to veto the bill if it would even make it through the Senate, but has yet to provide information about what changes would be required for the Democrats to approve of the bill.

The debt ceiling is coming, and coming fast. New estimations is that the limit will be reached sometime around early June. Keep an eye on the stock markets and the negotiations between McCarthy and Biden as we may be in for economic turmoil.

On Thursday, May 11, Title 42 is set to expire. This will remove border patrols ability to easily turn away illegal migrants and open the border even wider... Biden has announced that he'll be sending 1,500 troops to the border to assist - unfortunately, it seems he means assist in processing illegal immigrants into the country, not assisting in turning them away.


The Left doesn't stop, so neither do we! NEVER GIVE THE LEFT A FREE DAY!

Until next time... The ForAmerica Team ForAmerica Website ForAmerica is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation, qualified under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRS). ForAmerica relies on the private financial support of the general public for its income, and accepts no government funds and performs no contract work. Donations are not tax-deductible consistent with IRS Section 170(c).


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