Chelsea Clinton Calls Bernie “President Sanders”

Acting as a surrogate for her mother’s presidential campaign in Minnesota on Wednesday, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton slipped and called Hillary Clinton’s remaining Democrat opponent, “President Sanders” (courtesy of KARE 11): “President Sanders” is a phrase that should make every conservative shiver.Though it’s not clear sure how much different he would be than Chelsea’s

Congressman Says He’s “Never Read Anything That’s More Sensitive” Than Hillary’s Emails


The Daily Caller reports:A member of the House Intelligence Committee said Wednesday that he has “never read anything that’s more sensitive” than the contents of the “Top Secret” Hillary Clinton emails identified by the State Department last week.Utah Rep. Chris Stewart also said during an interview with Fox New’s “America’s Newsroom” that there are “actually

Hillary’s Emails Included CIA Officers’ Names, Report Says


Hillary Clinton’s e-mails included the names of CIA officers serving overseas and foreigners who are on the spy agency’s payroll — potentially endangering their lives, it was reported Monday. “It’s a death sentence,” a senior intelligence-community official told the Observer. “If we’re lucky, only [foreign] agents, not our officers, will get killed because of this.”

Navy SEAL To Receive Medal Of Honor For Hostage Rescue

edward byers

Via CNN (Washington):  The Medal of Honor will be awarded this month to a Navy SEAL for his role in rescuing an American civilian being held hostage by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, the White House announced Tuesday.President Barack Obama will award Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Byers the nation’s highest medal for valor in combat.The

Baltimore Mosque Set For Obama Visit Has Controversial Ties

Via Barack Obama is making his first presidential visit to a U.S. mosque on Wednesday, but the historic occasion is being overshadowed by criticism that the Baltimore-area center he chose has extremist ties. The controversy centers around the Islamic Society of Baltimore’s former imam, who has ties not only to the Muslim Brotherhood but the Northern

Texas Deputy Shares How ‘Gun-Toting’ Veteran Saved His Life

The Austin American-Statesmen reported this past week on a little known story about a life saved due to concealed carry: Not thinking about his own life, a local Marine veteran jumped into action and stopped a man from reaching a Bastrop deputy’s gun as the suspect pummeled the officer during a struggle earlier this month. “Freeze!” Scott Perkins

Is Ted Cruz’s Iowa Win A Victory For The ‘Reagan Coalition?’

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Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus Monday and delivered meaty victory speech that any conservative would love. But one part in particular should warm the heart of any conservative, particularly longtime grassroots activists and other right warriors.Cruz said (emphasis added):Do you want to know what scares the Washington cartel? Actually, not remotely. I don’t scare

Here’s How Much Economic Freedom Has Suffered Under Obama


The Daily Signal reports, “According to the 2016 Index of Economic Freedom, an annual publication by The Heritage Foundation, America’s economic freedom has tumbled.” “With losses of economic freedom in eight of the past nine years,” The Signal added “the U.S. has tied its worst score ever, wiping out a decade of progress.“The U.S. has