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Tune Out Biden

"Tune Out Biden" Transcript:

David Bozell: Yet, everyone is staying out of the news. I mean, the Squad has been super quiet lately. The Senate is rigged, they're not doing much of anything. Even the House guys, even the conservatives and Republicans in the House, they're pretty quiet, they're not doing much.

Everybody is preparing for the midterms and everybody smells blood in the water, because Joe Biden's poll numbers stink and he's about to give the, it's not going to be the State of the Union, it's trending like number two today, #SlurOfTheUnion. I like that. Because this was yesterday in The Hill, "The majority of Americans polled, 59%," let's bump that up to 60, "also said that they believe that the Russian president moved on Ukraine because Putin saw weakness in President Biden." That's on the number one issue of the day, right? 60% of the country basically blames Biden.

On January the 21, 69% of the country approved of Biden's handling of COVID-19. I don't know why, but such was life. In just a week and a half, that number has dipped 21 points to 48%. 69% of Americans disapprove of how the president is handling price spiking. He's probably going to try to take a bully pulpit to the corporations today and accuse them of price gouging, which is ridiculous and no fact checker will go after him for it. But I'm sure he'll blame the energy sector for his doing.

Only 25% of Americans would describe the American economy as good or excellent. I don't know where you'd find 25% of the country to find that one. Nearly two thirds of the country disapprove of how Biden withdrew from Afghanistan, even though three quarters of the country supported the decision to leave. Overall, 56% of the country thinks Biden's first office is a failure versus just 39% who said it was a success.

His disapprovals are through the roof, his approvals are in the toilet. I was trying to Google, it's almost an impossible thing to try to Google because nobody really keeps track of it, but I was trying to see if any president had a lower approval rating as he's about to deliver his first State of the Union, Slur of the Union, as Joe Biden does. I mean kind of an impossible thing to track, but just going off a recent memory, first-year approval ratings, I don't think so. I think he's delivering his address with the lowest approval rating of any first-year president in the modern era.

Feelings towards W are pretty raw, because half the country thought that he had stolen Florida. So he probably had a low one, though I'd have to go check, but he probably was still sitting in the forties. He had just passed a tax cut package, W was probably sitting in the forties, mid forties. Biden's approval rating are below that. I mean, they're just disgustingly bad if you're a fan of his.

He's sitting in the high thirties. I mean, look, I remember during the Clinton impeachment, this was '98, '99, and the golden rule back then was if he was sitting at 50% approval, then he would be acquitted. And then the moment he dropped below 50%, the Democrats in the Senate would run from the hills. They would run away from him because he was a second-term president, and why stick by him? That was the political goal, keep him above 50%. Now, the country is so divided, there's really no such thing as a 50% approval rating anymore.

You're probably looking at 45 as the new 50. So, if you're sitting at 45%, you're doing pretty well. Biden's sitting in the high thirties now. And the reason why his Build Back Better isn't getting anywhere, where there's a Manchin and a Sinema, there's about a half a dozen others that won't say it, but they're not going to go down with that sinking ship.

And the Squad is being told to shut up and sit down, because every time they open their mouth there's another retirement from a Democrat, who knows that they're going to get spanked in 2022, because they're the loudest people in the room, the Squad is.

So in terms of a State of the Union preview, we will go through it tomorrow, go through some of the highlights and the lowlights, but he'll probably try to take a victory lap for COVID. That'll be totally nauseating. He'll blame corporate America for the price spikes. Nevermind what he said over Christmas that he would release 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve. And he went on The Tonight Show and he said that'll lower the prices. And A, they didn't, and B, 50 million, that's nothing. That's like a day and a half's worth of consumption for this country.

So, he'll blame energy companies for rising gas prices. He'll blame corporate America for supply chain issues. He'll probably blame Putin for supply chain issues. He'll blame China for something. He'll say that they absolutely respect him and fear him, they don't. That's what he'll say. He'll mumble through. He'll talk a lot about infrastructure, because it's the only thing he's passed. And he'll go into some real granular detail on that because it's the only thing he's got. And even though there's not much infrastructure in the Infrastructure bill.

You have to take a COVID test to even get in the door. I expect a poorly attended event. Republicans would be wise to not post. Don't make it look full, make it look sparse. And now you have a reason. Who wants to go take a COVID test to watch him speak? Not me.

So, take the best seat in the house, which is your couch, and watch it from home if you need to. I suspect he'll double down on white supremacy being the root of all evil, because that's just in his DNA. And so he's not going to learn, because his people don't learn. His people don't believe the numbers because they're in their own Twitter echo chamber. So, it's going to be a nauseating speech, I think. Poorly delivered and poorly attended. The ratings are going to stink. And I think this is confirmation, tonight will be confirmation, that the country has tuned him out completely.


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