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The Resilience of Donald Trump in 2024


TOPIC: The resilience of Donald Trump's political standing amidst controversy and potential GOP alternatives.


"Donald Trump will never give up. Ever. And I think that also explains his increased popularity."


  • Despite numerous indictments, Trump's support remains strong, as his base tends to disbelieve the charges and narratives against him.

  • Trump's approach to confronting his legal and political challenges head-on with vigor is appreciated by his supporters, contrasting with the perceived lack of fight in other GOP figures.

  • The possibility of an incremental decline for Trump in favor of another candidate is deemed unlikely; any change would likely be abrupt.

  • Nikki Haley is identified as a potential dark horse, gaining support among women and donors, positioned as an alternative to Trump for "never-Trump" voters.

  • Ron DeSantis is critiqued for focusing too much on past achievements, particularly his COVID-19 response, which may not resonate as strongly post-pandemic.

  • Tim Scott has a decent message, but he's lacking the bombastic presence needed to gain significant traction.

  • Chris Christie has limited appeal outside of New Hampshire, with no real path to gaining wider support.

  • Trump’s lack of a ground game in Iowa is worth noting, he'll have the ability to dismiss a potential loss there and move on like he did in 2016.

  • For Trump to defeat Biden, the GOP must focus on Biden's economic record and potentially benefit from a strong third-party candidate like RFK Jr.

  • Tim Constantine's speculative scenario where Michelle Obama could become a surprise Democratic nominee, posing a unique challenge to Trump, is interesting yet highly unlikely.

  • David Bozell predicts Trump could win the election against any candidate other than Biden, attributing Trump's endurance to his unwavering determination.



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