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'The View's' Alyssa Farah Griffin Worries Time Is 'Running Out' for Dems to Stop Trump


During The View on Tuesday, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said she was worried about Donald Trump getting re-elected.

Perish the thought!

The Never Trump former Trump White House communications director said that she became more concerned about this after spending time in "red state America," meaning Florida.

Griffin also said Democrats have become "complacent."

Joe Biden is uninspiring? Who would have guessed!

Griffin worries all the energy is with the Republicans and Trump.

“I spent the weekend in red state America, in Florida, had a great time, but it was a reminder to me of this, as adamant and strong as so many people around us in New York are, that Trump has to go down, Biden has to win, there are equally energized people on the other side,” she said.

The View co-host said that Republicans presented a more unified front for the former president throughout his legal problems.

“Trump says one crazy thing and people are lined up outside of a courtroom, they’re willing to freeze on the court bench with him, they’re saying it all over Fox News,” Griffin said. “You know what the message is, even when there are lies.”

Griffin said Democrats need to come to grips with the very real possibility that Trump will get a second term.

Do the Democrats even have a message besides they're not Trump?

Griffin doesn't think so. “I couldn’t tell you today what Joe Biden’s core campaign message is or who the…call them dozen key surrogates he has that are going to go out on TV and fight on Fox News,” she said.

“The time is running out. We are six months out. We have to be honest,” she warned. “There is a chance this guy could win if we don’t start fighting harder.”

There you go, Joe Biden fighting harder as a campaign strategy.

Good luck with that!

While she hates the idea of Donald Trump coming back to the White House, her concerns are honest and realistic.

And very good - for anyone who cares about what's best for this country.

Because it sure as hell isn't Joe Biden.


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