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The Washington Post, Owned by Jeff Bezos, Doesn't Want Elon Musk to Buy Twitter

After billionaire Elon Musk made an offer to buy all of Twitter last week, the Left collectively lost its damn mind.

You see, so long as Twitter was a private company run by people who voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, Leftists had no problem with conservative and other content being censored or "moderated." Most liberals even wanted more censorship.

But now that Musk is saying he wants to buy Twitter as a private business and make it a haven for free speech - the Left isn't having it.

One of the most comical examples is The Washington Post's Sunday editorial, "Let's hope Elon Musk doesn't win his bid for Twitter."

Again, this is The Washington Post saying this. A newspaper owned by one man, Jeff Bezos.

The Post says Musk and his loud and sometimes outlandish ways would be bad for Twitter and the country.

Here's Jeff Bezos:

The Post thinks Musk letting free speech reign supreme at Twitter would allow 'misinformation' to be shared.

This is the same paper that for years went on and on about former President Donald Trump's supposed "collusion" with Russia to help him win the 2016 presidential election.

Which was not true. It took a two-year investigation to discover this - and it made WaPo and most media look like lying fools. The whole fantasy has continued to fall apart as time passes, including the discrediting of the Steele dossier that the Russian collusion theory was based on.

And they STILL wouldn't let it go!

The Washington Post was sued by the Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann who the paper portrayed as being racially motivated to harass an elderly Native American man.

Remember Jussie Smollett?

Time and again, The Post has ran with big "stories" that turned out not to be true. A paper owned by one person.

And they are worried about the average American being allowed to say what they want on the internet? Competing views? Actual free speech?!?

What hypocrisy. What a joke.

Let's HOPE Elon Musk WINS is his bid to buy Twitter. Now more than ever.


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