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Tips for Tucker Carlson...


Remember the days when Limbaugh was the at the height of his powers and people would ask, "Did you hear what Rush said?" Good times. Tucker's monologues had become the closet thing to that. These intros went instantly viral and they had the unique selling proposition of being different than most of the other programming across the dial. They will be missed.

He doesn't need our advice, but here are some possibilities -- suggestions -- for his future career....after, of course, he takes a well-deserved break.

1. Partner with Babylon Bee for Humor and Satire

Tucker has always been known for his wit, and partnering with the Babylon Bee could be the perfect opportunity to showcase his humorous side. Call up the Bee and get a brainstorming session with Seth Dillon and his team. It would keep Tucker's name in the public eye and lead to some hilarious collaborations. A recurring bit around the presidential nomination would be fun.

2. Be a National Spokesperson for an Important Issue

No one has done more to shed light on the fentanyl problem in Midwest towns and small towns across the country than Tucker. He could become a spokesman for a veterans' affairs group dealing with drug overdose or addiction. This would keep him in the pipeline and allow him to make a meaningful impact on issues he cares about.

3. Launch a Subscription Monologue Service

One of the best parts of Tucker's show was his 20-minute opening monologue. Instead of starting his own media company, Tucker could launch a subscription service, similar to Rush Limbaugh's Limbaugh Letter. The Tucker Monologue could be a platform for him to share his thoughts and opinions without the constraints of a traditional show format. This would allow him to maintain his influence while providing an exclusive experience for his subscribers.

Tucker Carlson has many options for his post-Fox News career. By partnering with like-minded individuals, focusing on important issues, and launching a subscription service, he can continue to make waves in the media world. Ultimately, Tucker can thrive in this next chapter of his career while remaining free, unchained, and true to his convictions.



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