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Trump Honors WWII Veterans on D-Day - One Veteran Tells Him Keep Up 'Good Fight'

Thursday was the 80th anniversary of D-Day, honoring the day American soldiers heroically stormed the beaches of Normandy, France in 1944.

It was the largest invasion by sea in history and was the beginning of the Allied victory in World War II.

Donald Trump took the day to speak to four WWII veterans, thanking them for their service and even making them a promise.

While flying to Arizona on Trump Force One, the former president spoke via video to veterans Donald Cobb, Steve Melnikoff, George Cross, and Harold Radish.

Trump told the group of heroes, “Well, it’s an honor to listen to you. It’s a real honor. Go ahead, let me hear. And I have all the time you want. I hope you can hear me okay.”

One veteran replied, “I can hear you … stay healthy and keep up a good fight in November."

Trump seemed to appreciate the words of encouragement and then made the veterans a promise.

“I think we’re going to, and I just want to thank you all, and I’ll make you a deal," Trump said. "I’ll see you in the White House in January, okay? You’ll be my first group. I’ll see you in the White House in January, okay?”

The former president reiterated these sentiments on social media.

Trump wrote on Truth Social, “A great honor to speak with four wonderful D-Day Heroes — Donald Cobb, Steve Melnikoff, George Cross, and Harold Radish, from my plane going to Arizona. I LOVE YOU ALL, see you in the White House!”

Trump would add, “Today, we honor the immortal heroes who landed at Normandy 80 years ago. The men of D-Day will live forever in history as among the bravest, noblest, and greatest Americans ever to walk the earth. They shed their blood, and thousands gave their lives, in defense of American Freedom. They are in our hearts today and for all time."

That great act of heroism in 1944 took the lives of so many, who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to push back against pure evil.

The United States was crucial in winning World War II. Our soldiers made that happen, the bravest of brave. The greatest heroes of their time and in any age.

Let us cherish those veterans still with us. Let us honor them all, living and perished, not just today, but for all time.


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