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Trump is Going to Win...BIGLY

The Biden campaign was bound to have a tough day with the President announcing a Middle East Peace Deal.

The challenger's job was to come up with some sort of counter-programming effort to offset the White House's achievement. No small endeavor -- and perhaps they shouldn't have even tried -- but...what I saw from the Biden shop today was flat out amateur hour.

Off to Tampa they went, where Biden delivered a rambling, incoherent mess of a talk about...Veteran suicide...I think. If you could follow it, congratulations, you're better than me.

What I saw was quite possibly the worst story ever told by a major party Presidential candidate with 50 some odd days to go before the election.

In his disjointed remarks, Biden detailed, pretty graphically, the story of a Delaware veteran who murdered a woman, then murdered her dog, then put the woman's body in the bed of his truck, then drove the body down the road, and then proceeded to have sex with the woman's corpse.

See for yourself:

I sympathize with the families involved but why in God’s name is that story in a campaign speech??

I simply do not understand how Biden supporters, campaign staff, and campaign communication professionals are supposed to take that Biden speech —about a man murdering a woman, and her dog, plus the subsequent sex with her corpse — and turn it into quality Get-Out-The-Vote content for voters. I don't know what demographic they think they are appealing to. I don't know anyone who'd be interested in hearing this kind of story.

This episode came on the heels of Biden's Big Bug speech yesterday, where he stood in a field talking about so-called "climate change" and monster-sized locusts kept attacking him.

Gallup's list of important issues for Americans showed that a whopping one -- 1! -- percent of Americans think "climate change" is an important issue. (A tie with police brutality, incidentally).

These are two straight days of very bad campaigning by the Biden shop. No voter outreach. Speeches to empty rooms and empty fields. Issues that are just not on the minds of voters.

Biden is a bad candidate with a terrible campaign. They are just two more reasons why we think Trump will win handily.


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