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U.S. Senator Tim Scott TORCHES Biden Record on Race

Screenshot/CNN YouTube

U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) was asked by CNN's Dana Bash to react to a new Joe Biden ad that suggests Donald Trump is a threat to black Americans.

Scott called the ad "insulting," and added, “Well, here’s what I can tell you ... under Donald Trump, we were better off.”

In the Biden ad, a narrator says, “Donald Trump disrespecting Black folk is nothing new. It’s why Trump stood with violent white supremacists, warned of a blood bath if he loses the next election, and, if he’s president again, vowed to be a dictator who wants revenge on his enemies."

Wow, seriously? Talk about lack of proper context and lowdown deceit.

Scott noted that Trump is doing better with black voters in the polls than most Republican presidential candidates have done historically and gave his reasons why.

“There are two things that are driving Black votes back to Donald Trump: jobs and justice," he said on CNN’s State of the Union. "No. 1, under Donald Trump, our wages were going up. Right now, fairness is going down."

Then Scott, reportedly on Trump's vice presidential short list, reminded viewers of Biden's record regarding black Americans.

“But if you’re really concerned about racial justice in America, let’s not forget, Joe Biden is the guy that talked about ‘racial jungles’ as a result of desegregation,” Scott said, citing a 1977 comment Biden in which he said “orderly” racial integration policies would cause his children to “grow up in a racial jungle.” 

“Let’s not forget the fact that Joe Biden is the president who said, ‘If you don’t vote for me, you can’t be Black,’" Scott said referencing 2020 comments Biden made on the Charlamagne Tha God radio show.

Scott wasn't having that.

"An old white dude telling me I can’t be Black if I don’t vote for him?" Scott said. "This is the president who said … the Republican Party wants to put you back in chains."

Virtually every poll shows Trump up significantly with Black voters. One survey in March showed Black support had jumped from 4 percent to 23 percent.

That's quite a spike.

A lot can happen over the next few months. But if these numbers rise more - or even just hold steady - expect more duplicitous attack ads against Donald Trump from Team Biden.


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