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UFC Crowd Gives Trump Hero's Welcome, Gets 'Staggering' Applause

Screenshot/Sky News Australia YouTube

After Donald Trump was given 34 unprecedented and bogus convictions in a New York courtroom on Thursday evening, he decided to attend the Ultimate Fighting Champion show in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday night.

Where he was treated like an absolute rock star.

As soon as Trump walked in the building with UFC CEO Dana White, massive cheers broke out throughout the arena.

As White ushered Trump to his seat, an explosion of applause happened, getting a standing ovation as the former president shook hands with the fans.

One of the commentators said, “Well you had a sneaking suspicion that former President Trump would be in the building for UFC 302, he is a rabid mixed martial arts fan. I kinda feel like he’s betting on these fights when he’s not here."

Commentator Joe Rogan responded, “Boy, the round of applause he’s getting right now is pretty staggering and you had to imagine that’s what was going to happen.”

As Trump got to his seat, a raucous “F*** Joe Biden” chant shook the building.

After UFC fighter Kevin Holland defeated Michal Oleksiejczuk for the middleweight championship fight, the fighter immediately ran to Trump to shake his hand.

The crowd erupted in cheers again.

Critics of the verdict in Trump's trial are not only conservatives and Republicans but left-leaning and independent voices who might not even like Trump - but can still see the absurdity and unfairness of what's going on.

Weaponizing the legal system to harm one's political opponents.

Regardless, Trump raised a record number of donations after the court announcement and his popularity remains sky high. Perhaps even higher now due to this sham trial.

Just ask UFC fans.


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