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US Stops Gaza Aid After Biden's $320 Million 'Floating Pier' Begins Sinking

U.S. Central Command

As if Joe Biden's presidency wasn't sad enough already.

U.S. aid to Gaza was suspended on Tuesday after its temporary 'floating pier' off the region's coast began to break apart and sink.

There were four vessels that had kept the pier afloat that recently broke off due to weather. Still, it was said by officials that the pier was still there and operational.

It turns out this is no longer the case and no one knows how long it will take to fix the pier.

According to NBC News, a U.N. official said it could take at least a week.

Fox News reported, "President Biden's administration spent roughly $320 million constructing the massive, floating dock. It was operational for barely a week before the damage occurred. Of the four stabilizing vessels that detached earlier this week, two of the boats floated northward and landed on a beach in Ashdod, Israel, while the two others remain anchored at the beach near the pier."

"While the pier has been used to transfer roughly 569 metric tons of aid into Gaza, none of that aid had been delivered to Palestinians as of last week, the Pentagon confirmed," Fox News noted. "The pier's failure comes as Israel conducted a sizable operation in Rafah, with tanks rolling into the heart of the city for the first time since the war began."

The temporary pier - which in military terms is called a Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore capability - was created to get more aid into Gaza and address famine issues, which the U.N. has indicated is a concern.

This failure is egg on the face of the Biden administration. As independent journalist Glenn Greenwald put it, "It was a massive humiliation for Biden that Israel wouldn't let the US deliver aid to Gaza by land and forced the US to build this pier to try to get small amounts in."

"That it couldn't even be done properly and is now broken and floating in the sea is yet more humiliation," he added.

This president - who can barely string a sentence together and doesn't seem to know where he is half the time - is trying to get re-elected.

Yet time and time and time again, he fumbles the ball. With sky-high inflation, a broken southern border, and throwing endless money at an endless war in Ukraine, it's almost as if Biden is trying to lose in November.

Now chalk this disaster up to an already long list of failures.

The 'floating pier' is now sinking. So is Joe Biden.


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