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What's driving Jim Jordan opposition? K Street lobbyists

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The problem some Republican holdouts seem to have with Jim Jordan becoming the next speaker is that he's not enough of a DC Swamp creature for them.


Bloomberg Government reports:

If Jim Jordan becomes House speaker, most business interests and Capitol Hill lobbyists will have catching up to do. For most, the congressman is largely an unknown – and based on what they do know, some said they have concerns.

That's a good thing! You want someone independent-minded and not beholden to special interests in that chair.

Bloomberg continues:

The Ohio Republican, best known as a rabble-rousing founder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus and thorn in previous leaders’ sides, has few informal close advisers from the business lobbying community.

Enough of this nonsense.

This is the best shot conservatives have had in YEARS regarding House leadership.

Jim Jordan or bust.

Here are ForAmerica's "Rich Men (and Women!) North of Richmond" digital trading cards of the Republican holdouts, plus Newt Gingrich for fun. Call them today at (202) 224-3121 and tell them the American people's interests are more important than special interests and to vote for Jim Jordan. The American people demand Jim Jordan. We have a country to save!


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