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When Washington Wins, America Loses

In-depth Episode Notes (Starting at 11:00):

TOPIC: David Bozell discusses the United States' credit downgrade, political persecution, and a corrupt government and why there is such a need for a winner and a loser.


Dear Congress: If you believe the DOJ is on a political crusade to destroy the former President...and you believe the person pulling the trigger on those decisions is compromised, then I think you have a moral responsibility to stop the flow of money from the U.S. taxpayer to that agency.


  • The credit downgrade from AAA to AA+, a huge concern in 2011, is now being downplayed by the Left, which could provide an opportunity to address spending cuts.

  • With nearly $33 trillion in debt, it's unrealistic that we'll ever pay it off.

  • Trials, indictments, and impeachment inquiries are colliding and causing a gridlock in the political landscape.

  • We not only need to cut spending, but we need to stop funding programs that don't work while money is being spent by 'leaders' who are on the take.

  • The idea that all 50 states had squeaky clean elections is ridiculous. Questioning the election, as Trump has, is not grounds for this political persecution.

  • The country is at a critical juncture. We need a clear winner and loser.




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