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April 20, 2024


This week... The Biden administration's harsh words for Iran - "don't" - didn't seem to help as Iran launched some 300+ rockets, drones, and missiles toward Israel. Most of the attacks were shot down with the help of the United States and other allies, but it's clear Biden's foreign policy failures continue to catch up with him. Here at home, Speaker Mike Johnson plans to bring a series of bills to pass foreign aid for Israel and Ukraine, despite backlash from some members of the Republican caucus. Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for a motion to vacate the chair - the same motion that saw former Speaker Kevin McCarthy ousted last year - has been gaining steam among other members, leaving his future in leadership in serious question. Meanwhile, the campaign trail has been heating up; Trump's legal troubles continue to pester him while his campaign stops produce video after video of everyday Americans cheering the former president. Biden's 'copycat' stops, well... they lack all the enthusiasm you might expect.





After Trump's popular bodega campaign stop, Biden decided to try to recreate it with stops at popular Pennsylvania stores Wawa and Sheetz... only his was staged, corny, and widely mocked:


JOE MUST GO! Yard & Rally Sign

10% off, IF your name is "Joe" or "Brandon"

Width: 24"

Height: 18"




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