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Apple's New Woke Emojis

Alright, David Bozell, ForAmerica, your conductor for today. Apple has released 123 new emojis for your cell phone communication usage. And yes, it includes the pregnant man, pregnant yellow cartoon guy, pregnant white guy, brown hair guy, pregnant blonde hair guy, pregnant brown guy, pregnant black man, and a big time NFL star could very well be canceled.

Lamar Jackson, quarterback for your Baltimore Ravens and a former MVP player. Well, when did he win MVP? 2020, 2019. Anyway, everyone knows Lamar Jackson. So he tweeted out yesterday, very funny, "Why the buddy pregnant?," that went kaboom on Twitter. A lot of people rushed to his defense, but of course you got your liberal nutjobs on Twitter trying to cancel him.

If he were a white quarterback having said that, he probably would be canceled by now, but he's not. I'm sure the NFL doesn't want this tweet in it's cadre of communications from its players, particularly on the first day of free agency, when it tends to dominate the sports landscape.

As the NFL tends to do throughout the year, this is one of their big offseason days, the start of NFL free agency. The most viral moment that the NFL has going forward right now is Lamar Jackson's, "Why the buddy pregnant?"

Talking about these pregnant guys on Apple's emoji course, the NFL office does not want to see this. I mean, they ran a commercial about eight months ago. Now this has very poor audio, but it ran a commercial eight months ago. Football is for everyone.

Let's just roll it.

Football is for Everyone, Posted on NFL YouTube, June 28, 2021

It goes - football is gay. Football is lesbian. Football is beautiful. Football is queer, life, exciting, culture, transgender, heart, power, tough, bisexual, strong. Football is freedom. Football is American. Football is accepting. Football is everything. Football is for everyone, except for maybe not the pregnant man emoji.

I don't think football is according to Lamar Jackson. Good for Lamar Jackson for having some fun with this stuff. I mean, this is just absurd that Apple would put pregnant guys as emojis, because as we all know here and we all follow the science at ForAmerica, men cannot get pregnant.

About that spending bill...

Alright, a lot of good feedback on our spending bill rant the other day where we were calling for no spending bills over the length of the Bible, which the standard Bible is about 1,200 pages. The spending bill that Congress just passed with mostly Democrats, I guess chalk-up the Senate Republican crowd to that as well, that was 2,700 pages.

It also included a massive pay raise for Congress. We received a lot of good comments. ForAmerica fan Robert commented, "Well, Republicans won't end it and stop the cash from falling into their pockets. Greed drives too many of the politicians on all sides." That's true.

Steve Bryson's good idea, "All bills need to be read on the House floor before the vote. Cover to cover." I like, I like, I like, I can't like that enough.

Kevin posted, "Should be one individual bill at a time!" True, true, true.

Edward hits the nail on the head, "Republicans are part of the problem."

Mary, " We're not woke, we're broke! Outrageous spending. Thanks, Democrats, I guess you haven't noticed that we are so far in debt, we'll never recover. The middle class will suffer more."

I like Don Francis', "If you can't make your case for a bill on one page that must be written in English, not legal mumbo jumbo, it has too much pork in it. Vote no." Yeah.

Here's the best one, Peter Miller says, "Someone should slip a paragraph in the bill, on say page 200, that says that any Member of Congress that has been in office for 2 terms or more HAS TO IMMEDIATELY RESIGN."

Keep the comments coming, we want to hear from you and we'll read the best and most creative comments on our shows!


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