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For America's Top Ten Takes for Friday, October 23rd

1. Joe Biden is back today in the critical swing state of...Delaware?? No offense, Delaware, but, "c'mon man." He's giving a lecture about how America failed to attack the coronavirus, how we're all doomed, how we should all stay locked down until our Lord Government can come to rescue us. Yada, yada, yada. Blah, blah, blah. If not for Covid, Trump would be up 15 points. Covid is Biden's only message. And per usual, no questions...


2. Hat-tip to Rebel News (out of Canada) for a video showing the number of times Leslie Stahl interrupted Trump during the 60 minutes interview.


3. Old enough to remember GHW Bush getting raked over the coals by the media for looking at his watch during his debate with Clinton...


4. Nice moment that you'll never see in the mainstream press:


5. I thought this was Trump's best moment last night:


6. All doing their part to help Joe Biden get to the finish line...


7. Trump rally schedule over the next few days:

10/23 -- Florida ×2

Saturday 10/24 - NC, OH, WI

Sunday 10/25 - New Hampshire

Monday 10/26 - Pennsylvania ×2

Tuesday 10/27 - MI, NE-02, WI


Let's finish with week with some good poll news:

8. First Arizona...

9. Next up...Michigan:

10. And finally, check out Rasmussen's Black Likely Vote number:



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