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Fox News' Shannon Bream Says She Can't Find a Single Democrat to Defend Biden

Screenshot/Fox News

On Sunday, Fox News host Shannon Bream wanted to be blunt with her audience about some trouble she was having.

Namely, that she and her staff cannot find a Democrat who will come on her show to defend Joe Biden staying in the election.

To say the president has been getting a lot of criticism after his disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump last month would be an understatement.

But there's not even one Democrat who is willing to defend their president?

That's pretty bad.

“Now, before we get to our guests, I want you, the viewers at home, to know something,” Bream said on Sunday. “Our team has spent days reaching out to dozens of lawmakers and Biden advocates and allies. We’ve had numerous interactions with the Biden-Harris campaign."

"But not a single potential guest was either able or willing to join us on today’s show to defend the president and his decision to stay on the ticket," she claimed. "So, we will be having a conversation without that voice, which we have been working around the clock to avoid.”

Biden took part in a recorded interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos last week in which he said that he is “still in good shape” and dismissed his terrible debate performance as just a “bad night.”

To date, five House Democrats have publicly asked Biden to step down.

Last week, Biden told a group of Democratic governors that he was fine except for his "brain."

He seriously said that - proving there really is something wrong with his brain.

Biden's debate behavior was indefensible, his reactions to criticism of his performance have been indefensible and its only going to get worse from here.

Given that a single Democrat can't be found to defend Joe Biden is all one needs to know about what a miserable state his presidency is in.


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