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Potential Trump VP Byron Donalds to Joe Biden: Secure the Border or We'll Shut Down the Government

Wikimedia Commons/Department of Defense

The U.S.-Mexico border chaos is something that affects many Americans every day.

Americans wonder what good is the government if it can't do this most basic function.

One Republican says if the government can't secure the border, what's the point in keeping the government open?

Shut. It. Down.

Rep. Bryron Donalds has got a point.

From the Daily Mail, "Rep. Byron Donalds kicked off the first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC, on Thursday, demanding that President Joe Biden secure the southern border or face a government shutdown."

"My position to my colleagues on Capitol Hill is: You either secure the border or you get no money for the government," Donalds said.

The crowd enthusiastically endorsed the idea, clapping and cheering "shut it down."

Donalds asked why President Joe Biden seemed to care more about Ukraine than his own country.

The story continued:

'Decide, Joe Biden. Which country matters more to you? The border of the United States or the border of Ukraine?' he asked. Donalds called out the growing violent crime in America's major cities, especially New York City, and
Donalds said many of his Republican colleagues were squeamish about the idea of a government shutdown, warning him they never ended up winning a showdown with Democrats on funding the government.
'I say there's never been an issue facing this country that has united the American people more,' he said to loud applause.

According to Donald Trump, Donalds is on his shortlist for vice president. There are more advantages to Donalds being on the ticket compared to some others who are reportedly being considered.

Just as important: Donalds is right.

Securing America's southern border should be the top priority for the federal government right now. Job number 1.

But it's not. Joe Biden seems to care about everything except his own country's national security, and his government is not going to get this important job done.

So why not shut down his government?

To send a message, at a minimum. Securing the border needed to happen yesterday.

Any way we can make it happen. Byron Donalds' idea might be one of the best ones to date considering where we are on this important issue.

And how this administration continues to glaringly fail the country on this issue.

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