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Release the Voter Rolls

We believe that Donald Trump won the election. Now, it is up to the campaign, ETC., to prove it.

The campaign has been very transparent about its math and its expectations. If the campaign is correct--and they were correct almost to the number in states like Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Texas, etc--the campaign will be proven correct and Donald Trump will win.

For America will help in any way we can. I am sure the campaign is prepared and loaded for bear, and I expect the President to close ranks with his family and a limited number of supremely trusted advisors. It is the only way, given the stakes and the fecklessness of the rest of the GOP (notice how quiet they are??).

As of this writing, Donald Trump has garnered 68,669,595 votes nationwide. He is knocking on the door of Barack Obama's 2008 record of 69,498,516 votes.

If you had told us Tuesday morning that Donald Trump would win a record number of votes, along with 26% of the non-white vote, and an increased share of the white-female vote, we would say the President was a shoe-in for re-election, as we predicted.

Moreover, in 2008, when Barack Obama won with his record totals, Democrats also flipped eight Senate seats and 21 House seats. Joe Biden has (reportedly/supposedly) broken Obama's record, yet just one Senate seat has flipped and Democrats have lost AT LEAST seven House seats and probably stand to lose much much more.

So much of the results simply do not make sense, such as Ohio going for Trump +8 yet its neighbors to the North, Michigan and Wisconsin, go for Biden??

We want this nation to heal perhaps more than any conservative group out there. Our bailiwick is social media, and since we dipped our toes into these waters nearly ten years, we have seen this country split in half.

Social media used to be a place where users could self-police and self-select. Due to algorithmic changes on these platforms, the platforms have essentially separated us users into column Right and column Left. These have not been healthy changes, but that's for another column.

Is fraud provable? Beyond a reasonable doubt? We don't know. It's always been tough. Perhaps election fraud is as old as elections themselves? Perhaps election fraud is as American as apple pie? Given the seriousness of the stakes, we as a nation cannot afford to be flippant about such things.

Our recommendation is simple, yet it will be time consuming and a little controversial: Release the voter rolls. We don't want to know who anyone voted for. We simply need to know if a name is attached to a vote.

It'll take time to match names to vote counts, but it might be the only way. If we are going to heal as a nation, if we are going to have confidence in our system ever again, we need to rip this band-aid of secrecy off the election process and comb through every name and match every name to a vote.

Transparency is paramount. America is supposed to be the gold standard for the world, and we need trust in a system where you have a clear handover of power from one person to another. If our system is soiled, then no one wins, and everyone loses.


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