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Your weekly blast of infotainment. Saturday, February 4


As you read this CANNON and all future editions, don't get angry. Get determined. Each meme is a Call to Action (CTA) for America. We must stand up and call out the absurdity of the Left - NEVER GIVE THE LEFT A FREE DAY!

Let's jump right into this week's CTAs! Let's save America!


Joe Biden's Disregard for American Sovereignty Persists: Biden's border crisis is only one part of his dereliction to defend American soil. This week, a Chinese spy balloon was spotted over Montana. While former President Trump took to Truth Social to call on the military to shoot the vessel down, the Biden administration response was to assure Americans that the enemy military vehicle would pass through within a few days. Clearly, American security and sovereignty are being disastrously mishandled.

DeSantis Announces EXACT Same Education Plan As Trump's... Five Days Later: Nearly identical statements from the frontrunners only days apart... who's copying who? David Bozell discusses the latest from Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in this 5-minute read:

To hear more from ForAmerica President David Bozell on other topics, listen and read here.

Just a Few More CTAs...


What's Ahead Next Week:

Shooting down big balloons would be nice! With the current state of affairs in the country, there's a lot to be decided next week— from Chinese spy balloons to Congressional votes to Biden's State of the Union address. Tuesday, we expect Biden to continue his record of failure as he is set to address the nation in the State of the Union. While he may attempt to tout some level of accomplishment, Americans recognize that his policies have crippled economic prosperity and undermined American security and sovereignty. Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee is set to investigate the federal government's involvement in stifling free speech vis-a-vis Twitter and other social media giants— hopefully including the Fauci Files. If House Republicans have their way, we should see big wins for America in the advancement of freedom.

The Left doesn't stop, so neither do we! NEVER GIVE THE LEFT A FREE DAY! Until next time... The ForAmerica Team


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