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This week... Congress avoided a government shutdown by passing a continuing resolution (CR) to temporarily fund the government through November 17. The vote didn't go off without a hitch, though. Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman "mistakenly" pulled a fire alarm as he was running late to the vote - apparently, interfering with official proceedings is okay if there's a "D" next to your name. The repercussions for Speaker McCarthy's passing of the CR were huge. Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced the Motion to Vacate, and he and 7 other Republicans, along with all 208 Democrats, voted to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House - setting up a battle between Republican lawmakers vying for the position as McCarthy has announced he will not seek the position again.


In case of emergency pull handle. HARD.



ForAmerica's Show with David Bozell

(this week's five-minute rundowns...)

MONEYLINE: "We've predicted this result the entire time."

MONEYLINE: "Kevin McCarthy took the House passed bill, the Limit Save Grow Act, and basically threw it in the trash."

MONEYLINE: "We had a deal in exchange for you being speaker - to write these bills to the number that we wanted, you took that and threw it in the trash and made your own deal with the president."

MONEYLINE: "The courage that it took from the eight folks who voted to oust him [Kevin McCarthy] yesterday is off the charts."

MONEYLINE: "At the end of the day, conservatism always wins. Always."

MONEYLINE: "There's no reason to fund [Biden's] agenda. None."

MONEYLINE: "The so-called Republican leader in the Senate is now very public in believing that government is the only answer."




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