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Updated: Jan 13

Your blast of infotainment from ForAmerica.


Happy New Year! 2024 has had quite the quick start with the release of some of the previously sealed Jeffery Epstein files. Not surprisingly, we have learned a few high-profile names that were involved with Epstein, including former president Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, among others. As the elites try their hardest to keep that story out of the news, Trump has taken his appeal of Colorado and Maine removing him from the presidential election ballot to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court announced that they will hear Trump's Colorado appeal, setting up what may be one of the most important legal battles in the country's history. As more states have liberal officials salivating at the idea of removing Trump, the legal system may be his last resort to remain on the ballot across the country.







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ForAmerica believes in guaranteed constitutional rights, including the right to life at every stage of life. We believe America should have unlimited education and economic opportunities. We believe America should be energy independent using American resources. We demand the freedom to speak and practice our faith. We will accept nothing less than fair and honest elections, and a government that is transparent, accountable, and stays off the backs of the American people as much as possible. The key objective of ForAmerica is to deliver wins the cultural, electoral, and legislative fronts. When ForAmerica engages, America wins. Never, ever, give the Left a free day.

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