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March 2, 2024


Let's not let this happen again... term limits for Congress!


This week... Donald Trump and Joe Biden both visited the southern border... only Trump visited a section plagued by illegal immigration while Biden visited Brownsville, Texas, which has a relatively low number of crossings -- perfect for his photo-op! Meanwhile, Biden announced he's cancelling over $1 billion in student debt -- basically transferring the debt to taxpayers -- despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that it's unconstitutional for the President to do so without an act of Congress. "The Big Guy" continues to defy the court. Hunter Biden confirmed in his closed-door deposition with Congress that Joe Biden is, in fact, "The Big Guy," although he still claims Joe had nothing to do with his business dealings. Republicans have yet to make a real stand against the corruption, abuse, and negligence by the executive branch, but with Mitch McConnell announcing he's stepping down as Senate Minority Leader in November and Ronna Romney McDaniel out as Chair of the RNC, hopefully the Republicans can get their act together in time for November. 









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