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March 16, 2024



This week... Illegal immigrants continue to pour over the border, but now they may start arriving from Haiti in droves as the country faces governmental collapse. Haiti is reportedly suffering from cannibal gangs following their governmental failure. With one of the gang leaders nicknamed "Barbecue," what could go wrong bringing them here by the thousands? Meanwhile, Biden issued a correction from his State of the Union address. He had called Laken Riley, the young woman allegedly beaten to death by an illegal immigrant, "Lincoln Riley;" rather than correcting mispronouncing her name, Biden took to MSNBC to apologize for calling her murderer an "illegal." He said he should have called her killer "undocumented." Biden's priorities are clearly in the wrong place on that issue, but his incompetence doesn't stop there - the U.S. sent another $300 million to Ukraine while Biden released his budget request of $7.3 trillion... we're not sure who he's trying to help, but it's clear it's not American taxpayers.










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