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April 13, 2024



This week... The solar eclipse captivated much of the country with the next one not due for another 20 years. While the moon covered the sun, Biden's X accounts covered the internet with posts about abortion "rights." From Donald Trump's statement advocating for a states' rights approach to the Arizona Supreme Court's decision to revert to a 19th-century law that would ban almost all abortions in the state, it's been a hot topic. While that debate continues to divide Republicans, new inflation numbers were reported - and they're not good. Inflation rose more than the fed anticipated, giving Americans more of that "Build Back Better" experience the Biden administration touts so much.


Dan Scavino Jr., White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications for the Trump administration, reposted ForAmerica's video...







Let's end on a positive note... Couldn't have said it any better than the golf legend Gary Player did. Enjoy the Masters!


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