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June 29, 2024


This week... Rest in piece to the Biden campaign. Thursday's debate was a bloodbath, with Biden stumbling, bumbling, and flailing his way through the 90-minute debate that even CNN admitted did not go well for the 81-year-old demential-patient-in-chief. After years of the White House, media, and Democrats telling you not to believe your lying eyes, conservatives and rational people were proven right as the world saw Joe Biden tottering live on prime time. The Left-wing machine has even began discussing replacing Biden on the ballot, something that would have been labeled a conspiracy theory just a week ago. Meanwhile, if the Left is finally admitting Biden is unfit to run for president, who is running the country? We have a senile, corrupt, old man in the White House while historical crises stack up from the border, to the economy, to wars breaking out all over the world. America is not safe, or frankly free, while Biden remains in the White House... November can't come soon enough!


The average Biden voter seems about as sharp as Biden...

Even the drug cocktail couldn't save Sleepy Joe...

Biden brain not work so good...





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