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Two Police Officers Shot in Louisville, Both Stable, Suspect in Custody

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Police Department confirmed that two police officers were shot during violent protests that unfolded in reaction to the decision by a grand jury not to indict police officers for the death of Breonna Taylor.

However, former Louisville police officer Brett Hankison was charged with "wanton endangerment."

Both officers were rushed to a local hospital. Acting Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert Schroeder confirmed that both were stable.

He also confirmed that at least one suspect was in police custody.

Thankfully, Schroeder said the officer's injuries were “non-life-threatening.”

“I am very concerned about the safety of our officers,” Schroeder said. “Obviously we’ve had two officers shot tonight and that is very serious. It’s a very dangerous condition.”

The two officers were shot at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Police officers and National Guard troops guarded the hospital where the officers were being treated.


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