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Your Weekly Blast of Infotainment

Happy Weekend! As you read this CANNON and all future editions, don't get angry. Get determined. Each meme is a Call to Action (CTA) for America. We must stand up and call out the absurdity of the Left - NEVER GIVE THE LEFT A FREE DAY!


💰 The Media Cover for the Biden Crime Family:

The House Oversight Committee has released damning accusations against Hunter Biden, as well as at least eight other members of the Biden family. These accusations range from receiving money from influence peddling schemes during Joe's tenure as vice president, to setting up at least 20 companies to funnel the money through, and more. The money is alleged to have come from various countries, including China, Ukraine, and other Balkan states. The full extent of the crimes committed is not yet known, but we are already seeing the liberal media scrambling to provide cover for the corrupt administration. The top three liberal networks gave zero minutes of air time to cover these damning allegations. Instead, networks like CNN allocated their resources to hosting a town hall with former President Trump, during which the host effectively berated Trump throughout the program, leading him to respond with, "You're a nasty person."

🗞️ ForAmerica's Podcast - Voices ForAmerica:

Voices ForAmerica has new episodes this week! Check out this new episode, Senator Ties Biden Family to International Sex Trafficking, where ForAmerica President David Bozell discusses Sen. Ron Johnson's charge that Joe Biden financially supported his son Hunter while he spent money on trafficking victims. Ick!

🕚 And More CTAs...

💪 Culture Conservation CTAs ForAmerica is committed to conservative values. We understand that it's not only important to preserve the fundamental principles that made America great, but also the culture within our country. It's important to remember that to be a conservative, there needs to be something worth conserving. The American culture is rich, but the Left continues to wage war on it. In response to that, enjoy this collection of nostalgic CTAs aimed to reignite pride in American culture.

👀 What's Ahead This Week: On Tuesday, May 16, House Republicans will hold a hearing on the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) Act, specifically the DOJ's use of it in targeting of pro-life activists like Mark Houck. This is just one part of a long line of hearings investigating the Biden administration's weaponization of executive power against conservatives. This past Friday, May 12, Title 42 expired - opening the floodgates wider for illegal immigration. While Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent busloads to places like Kamala Harris' residence, it's a drop in the bucket as the invasion of our southern border continues to strain already depleted American resources. Joe Biden should continue to face heat for the investigation into his and his familiy's influence peddling ring. Despite this, and various other disasters here at home, Biden plans to take a trip to Japan on Friday, May 19, to meet with regional leaders on the war in Ukraine and Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific.


The Left doesn't stop, so neither do we! NEVER GIVE THE LEFT A FREE DAY!

Until next time... The ForAmerica Team ForAmerica Website ForAmerica is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation, qualified under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRS). ForAmerica relies on the private financial support of the general public for its income, and accepts no government funds and performs no contract work. Donations are not tax-deductible consistent with IRS Section 170(c).


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