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The Cannon

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Your blast of infotainment from ForAmerica.


This week... Nothing screams Halloween like a good, old-fashioned scare... we're not talking about the price of gas or one of the creepy clowns in the White House, what scares the Left are Christians and MAGA conservatives - more scary than Hamas - if you ask the woke writers at Salon. There were some other spooky headlines this week, like the 13% inflation on Halloween candy and the Left's obsession with growing the IRS. Speaker Mike Johnson brought a bill to the floor of the House to send $14 billion in aid to Israel, pulling the funding from Biden's IRS expansion to cover the expense, a win-win if you ask us here at ForAmerica! Democrats, however, decided that this was a "poison pill," as their addiction to funding big government that nobody wants and that we can't afford continues. It passed anyway and the new Speaker got his first victory.





In case you missed it in last week's edition of The Cannon, David and Tim also discussed newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson...


A few of this week's demands...



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