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May 25, 2024


Kansas City Chiefs' kicker Harrison Butker delivered a commencement speech at Benedictine College where he expressed his Catholic views. The Left is up in arms, baffled that a Catholic is pro-life and pro-traditional gender roles. While the Left reeled from hearing a differing opinion, Trump spent a lot of time in New York where the hush money trial is set to hear closing arguments on Tuesday, but the case is falling apart for the Left. Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen is being painted as a hero on the Left, despite allegedly lying under oath to Congress, being considered an unreliable witness, and even achieving headlines from MSNBC like "How Michael Cohen's past lies make him a more credible witness." Meanwhile, AOC was running around holding press conferences this week saying Trump has "the legal version of an ankle bracelet," boasting Biden's corrupt witch hunts to try and tarnish Trump. She also took to attacking him for holding a rally in the Bronx, implying he's unwelcome in NYC despite a massive turnout to his campaign rally... it really hasn't been a good week for AOC!


An artist built a "portal" between New York and Dublin, Ireland. Locals were having fun with it, but not this much fun!

Biden's video challenging Trump to a debate had to be cut five times in :14 seconds, we just added a few more cuts...






Red Lobster is filing for bankruptcy and the mainstream media is blaming it on... you guessed it... "RACISM!"


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