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June 8, 2024


This week... Trump faced the guilty verdict in the corrupt New York case against him with poise, taking interviews with Dr. Phil, holding rallies, and continuing on the campaign trail. Most Americans are more concerned with the price of groceries than a made-up legal case, but it seems unlikely any of his other cases will go to trial before the election as they're set to start in late October and January respectively. While Hunter Biden sat in court, charged with possessing a firearm while taking narcotics and pleading not guilty, Joe Biden was in France for a D-Day ceremony. During the ceremony, Biden looked lost numerous times, even leaving while French President Macron greeted WWII veterans. Biden even had a few moments that caused many on the internet to question if the president had an... accident at the event.


Here's a quick video of Biden being lost... again!

Pride month hitting too close to home? We've got you covered...








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