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June 1, 2024


This week... Trump was found "guilty" on all 34 charges in the New York hush money trial. The corrupt Democrat judicial machine now has Trump facing up to 136 years in prison, with his sentencing coming just before the Republican National Convention. Biden was seen smirking after ignoring questions about Trump's claim that he's a "political prisoner," as the Left's mission to "get Trump" has finally worked... for now. After the verdict, Trump reportedly raised nearly $35 million in donations in less than a day as his base is riled up and angry with political persecution previously exclusive to third-world countries, communist dictatorships, and banana republics. Trump will have the chance to appeal his case, vowing that it's "far from over," as he works the case through the appeals process. If and when it reaches the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Alito will not recuse himself following an effort by Democrat senators demanding it after Alito's wife flew an "appeal to heaven" flag outside of their vacation home.


Trump could be headed to prison, but after that he's headed straight to the White House!

Sometimes it's just nice to meet a normal person at work...




In case you missed last week's episode on Biden's student loan "forgiveness," here is a great clip...





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